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Duralabel Releases Echo Printer



DuraLabel Echo printer

Duralabel has released Echo, a large format printer, scanner, and enlarger capable of printing large-scale banners in just minutes.

The inkless poster printer is environmentally friendly using thermal printing technology instead of messy inkjet or toner to flawlessly create engaging educational materials for schools, visitor's information for government buildings, and imperative safety regulations for warehouse facilities.

"Echo is the easiest to use large format printer on the market," said Josh Ball, Echo product manager with Duralabel. "Anyone can walk up and print posters without prior training."

The versatile device allows users to print from several sources. Users can enlarge an existing document or picture using the built-in scanner; print from a gallery of stock posters; or print materials directly from a computer using either a USB cord or computer network. Echo Canvas software included in the system allows users to design posters with access to more than 6,000 clip art images. The online Echo Community creates a social platform for businesses and organizations to share poster designs and templates.

The self-contained device prints posters up to 17" x 46", tile posters up to 70" x 90", and banners up to 36" 300" on heat-sensitive, BPA-free, recyclable paper. Choose from several colors and two materials for crisp, clean copy or rugged, tear-resistant banners. The low-cost system simply requires an electrical outlet and roll of specialty supply paper-making it the cheaper, more user-friendly alternative to inkjet systems.

About Duralabel

Duralabel is an innovative leader, providing solutions for safety and visual communication since 1970. The company's full line of safety products, services, and DuraLabel line of industrial label and sign printers are designed for the modern workforce. Duralabel leads the industry with safety training materials, educational resources, and up-to-date news and compliance information on topics like arc flash, chemical labeling, and pipe marking.