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Getting to Know U.S. Manufacturing

03 February, 2023

Manufacturing is the top industry in the United States. For #USAMfgHour, manufacturers throughout the country share their products and services, and a bit about their state's specialties.


There is a wealth of manufacturing in the United States, from nanomaterials to gigantic buildings, ships, and equipment. Manufacturers from throughout the country were able to share information about their products and services, their state's manufacturing efforts, and more this week for #USAMfgHour on Twitter. The "Getting to Know You" event was hosted by chat founder Kirsten Austin of DCSC, developer of DCWarehouse, a shipping and supply chain software solution for manufacturers.

Products and Services

Manufacturers from California to New York took part in introducing their business and sharing a little about their best-selling product or service.

"I would have to say over the years, our most productive is molding parts for our customers," said Dan Bigger of Chenango Valley Technologies in New York. "Our tooling department is super busy right now. Our 3d printing is also picking up. All boats are rising."

"Carbide Cutting Tools for turning, milling, drilling, and threading," said Lermit Diaz of SCTools in Michigan.

"We have such a diverse portfolio of products we make," said Shannon at DuraTech Industries in Wisconsin. "Product labels, product I.D. labels, printed overlays and our membrane switches (Printed Electronics) are all tops."

"Our best-selling printer is the DuraLabel Toro," said Christine Torres of Duralabel. "It's portable and prints labels/signs quickly. The software has everything you could possibly need to create compliant labels with ease. No stress, no mess."

"Our best sellers are these two products: The AT and AS variable speed drives," said Rebecca Hart of DSI Dynamatic in Wisconsin.

"Our lean training and consulting services are historically the most popular," said Mike Womack of NJMEP.org in New Jersey. "However, the size of the manufacturer or the events impacting the industry in a year can change all that. When it comes to manufacturers, each circumstance is unique."

"Probably our branding services, but it really fluctuates," said Paul Kiesche of Aviate Creative in New Jersey.

"Our #MagnaLockUSA Workholding products and repair services lead our sales numbers but our brands do intertwine with each other so it's not unusual that a lift magnet sales lead will bring a Workholding sale as well," said Nick Rivers of Obsidian Manufacturing in Illinois.

"Our Mag Series deburring machines," said JD of Cleveland Deburring in Ohio.

"Silicone is really hot right now," said Penny at Extreme Molding in New York.

"I would say our best-selling service is Overhead Crane Installations and Inspections," said Sherri of WiscoLift in Wisconsin.

"I would have to say our best sellers are our self-dumping hopper and our electric hydraulic lift tables," said Vestil Manufacturing in Indiana.

"Our best-selling equipment comes from our Explosion Proof Series and the Pegasus High Capacity Cushion Tire Series Lift Trucks," said RICO Manufacturing in Ohio.

"One of our most popular services/products is our open chassis modules for manufacturers incorporating our superior surge protection into their original equipment designs," said Jim from Zero Surge in New Jersey. "Our engineers work with you to optimize protection for each specific application!"

Manufacturing's Greatest

Would you personally pay more for an item made in the USA?

"Yes," said Ruby Rusine of Social Success Marketing in California. "Quality is typically better. What I found, too, from our travels is that our homes here (construction) are way better - and cheaper in the long run."

"Our answer is not would we but yes we do," Rivers said. "Unfortunately, it's not feasible to that with all of our components but we do try very hard."

"It's not always possible to purchase a #usamade Item or service depending on your location, etc.," Austin said. She recently wrote a blog on how manufacturers and others could help improve the Buy Local movement.  

"We also buy all of our products we use for our services from American companies," Bigger said.

"Absolutely, beyond the quality and longevity American made products provide, we love the pride that comes along with supporting manufacturers in the United States," said Zero Surge.

"I'm certainly leaning more in the direction of buying all American. I would pay more for American goods provided they weren't double the price," WiscoLift said.

"Yes, I will do it without hesitation," said Diaz. "We at SCTools offer a few European products, which I do not mind to distribute, as we have fair trade with Europe."

"In 15 years of business we're proud to have never off-shored any service," Kiesche said. "It's not always easy, as the price is drastically different on some services, but we're 100% made in the U.S. We'd rather be less profitable than off-shore our work."

The leading manufacturers, products, and services in each state vary. The chat group was asked if they know what their state is best-known for, to which most could answer without searching on the Internet.

"Missouri's include aerospace and defense, manufacturing (Woot) and Agriculture, Bioscience and Forestry," Austin said. "We're also known for beer!"

Several manufacturers from New Jersey lauded the state for its pro-industry and manufacturing pushes, and the success of the biopharmaceuticals, transportation, manufacturing, and health care industries.

"Our leading industries are manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare," Hart said of Wisconsin's popular industries. "Top manufactured products are food, beverages, and tobacco products."

"Manufacturing, Energy, Tourism, Agriculture, and Real Estate. I'm sure Craft Beer, Cannabis, and Tech are some of the fastest-growing industries too," said Nicole Kangos of Snaptron in Colorado. Snaptron manufactures metal tactile dome switches.

JD of Cleveland Deburring said Ohio is home to aerospace and defense, automotive, and medical equipment manufacturing and of course, deburring machines. 

Manufacturing is the topic of #USAMfgHour on Twitter.The group was then asked some history trivia, favorite American sports, and team, and the chat ended with a list of favorite vacation spots. The light conversation was met with baseball team cheers and memories of Florida beaches, Las Vegas thrills, the magic of Hawaii, and the majestic beauty of American national parks. With beautiful scenery, manufacturing, and fun things to do anytime and anywhere, the United States truly has it all.

About #USAMfgHour

Anyone who champions U.S. manufacturing can join in on a new conversation each week on Twitter using the hashtag #USAMfgHour. The chat starts at 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time/2 p.m. Eastern. Share positive blog posts, helpful articles, news, important information, accomplishments, events, and more with other manufacturers and supporters from throughout the country.

Are you interested in hosting a #USAMfgHour chat? Contact organizers @CVTPlastics, @DCSCinc, and @SocialSMktg.