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Duralabel Offers Updated Arc Flash Guides in Spanish


Arc flash hazard label in Spanish

Two guides Explain Arc Flash Dangers and PPE with Updated Info for Spanish-Speaking Customers.

While we don't hear about them every day, arc flash accidents are all too common in the Western world. However, tools such as arc flash education, proper hazard labeling, and personal protective equipment (PPE) can help mitigate bodily injuries and fatalities resulting from arc flash blasts. With Spanish more widely spoken than English across the globe today, Duralabel recognizes the importance of training resources in multilingual formats, and has released two updated guides in Spanish on its website. The updated Spanish Arc Flash Reference Guide explains what to include on an arc flash label, and the updated Spanish Arc Flash PPE Chart details protecting crews with arc flash PPE.

Updates to both guides reflect changes to the 2015 NFPA 70E standard. The Spanish Arc Flash Reference Guide identifies what the NFPA requires on an arc flash label, including nominal system voltage, arc flash boundaries, and PPE information. It also contains recommendations and definitions of numerous terms, including:

  • Limited/Restricted Approach Boundaries
  • Date of Assessment
  • OSHA/ANSI-style Signal Word Header

The updated Spanish Arc Flash PPE Chart identifies the four arc flash PPE categories used in the NFPA's "shortcut" approach to assigning PPE requirements for arc flash protection. Each category is numbered (1-4), and has a list of specific items to be worn, as well as a minimum Arc Rating (protective value) determined by a Hazard/Risk Assessment for those items.

Rigo N ez, Account Manager at Duralabel, said the new guide updates will be a welcome change to many of his customers. "We want to keep facilities safe across all cultures and languages, so that communicating safety to work crews has no barriers, whether they're in the U.S., Latin America, or Western Europe," he said. "Crew leaders are often seeking insightful arc flash hazard info so their crews are protected, and Duralabel is stocked with free multilingual resources."

Duralabel offers many desktop-based and standalone industrial labeling systems for printing arc flash labels on demand, including with the DuraLabel Bronco, DuraLabel Toro, and DuraLabel 9000. Premade signs are also available, with a number of premade signs available in Spanish, as well.