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Maximizing Productivity: 4 Tips for Optimizing Field Printing Processes

03 October, 2023

A gritty construction worker with a pipe on his shoulder, there is an OSHA sign behind him

The sounds of blaring horns and alarms fill your ears. Nothing is more insufferable or uninspiring than seeing the same boring signage every day or being pushed into unscheduled maintenance decisions.  

Seven percent of the world’s working-age population works in the construction industry. Efficiency in the construction industry is significantly lower than it was in 1993, with 98 percent of all big projects slipping by over 30 percent. According to a study conducted by MGI's digitalization Index, the reason there is a lack of productivity is due to these three factors: 

  1. Consistent engagement  
  2. Technological improvements  
  3. Varying environments during construction projects 

When time is money, you often dream of being able to work quickly, efficiently, and seamlessly. The big button question is how can productivity be maximized more efficiently? To maximize productivity, consider these 4 tips: 

  1. Regular Maintenance: Develop a schedule that includes regular inspections, cleaning, and preventative repairs. This helps to identify and address issues before they lead to costly breakdowns. Use Toro Max to create custom labels with routine maintenance. 
  2. DuraLabel_Field-Printing-Processes_FloatTraining and Skill Development: Invest in training and skill development for your maintenance team. Ensure that they are well-equipped to handle maintenance tasks efficiently and safely. Create visual safety labels with Toro Max to help remind workers about safety by wearing their PPE around the facility. 
  3. Culture: Create a culture where maintenance workers can improve through positive reinforcement. Encourage them to suggest and implement efficiency enhancing ideas.  
  4. Safety Focus: Prioritize safety in all maintenance activities. Safe practices reduce the risk of accidents that can result in downtime and increase costs. The Toro Max allows users to create instant OSHA compliance labels in the field.  

Take Productivity to the Field 

Never miss a beat with Toro Max. It will be the best friend that reminds you how to navigate your facility or in the field safely. It can create hundreds of quick OSHA compliance labels with the utilization of the built-in LabelForge Pro software.  

The Toro Max has built-in templates that are compliant with industry standards to help create instant visual cues that remind workers when to wear their PPE. Take it to the office or out in the field. It can go anywhere.  

 Visual Safety Communication Resources from DuraLabel  

DuraLabel's free OSHA Safety Signs Instant Action Guide helps you create OSHA/ANSI compliant safety signs. The free guide helps readers understand the appropriate regulations and standards and improve safety and efficiency. Request your free OSHA Safety Signs Instant Action Guide. 

Want to learn how to implement 5s with all of your industrial label needs? Download a free copy of the 5s Instant Action Guide. Give us a call today at 1-888-326-9244 and one of our experts will guide you through the process. 

OSHA Safety Sign Guide
Label in accordance with OSHA and ANSI standards.

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