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3 Takeaways from Gastech 2019

03 February, 2023

Gastech is a large show with great opportunities to look at what the next generation of the gas technology industry has to offer.

About 35,000 people were in Houston for Gastech 2019 - one of the world's largest exhibitions and conferences for global gas, next-generation LNG, and energy value chain professionals. What makes this show an attractive event? Free access to the exhibition area, innovative product and technology demonstrations, and intelligent conversations with forward-thinking leaders. At 592,000 square feet, this large trade show has a lot going on, and visitors might not be able to squeeze in all the activities. Here are a few progressive takeaways from the 2019 show:

  1. LNG

Liquid natural gas was a major focus at the 2019 Gastech show, and companies are eyeing a new generation of efficient LNG-fueled projects and new contracts ? including LNG opportunities in space exploration. "LNG market is a more sustainable alternative to trailers and ships and has a huge growth potential," said Juan Carbayo, business development manager at Cepsa Gas. As more businesses tap into this market, there are more discussions on LNG safety, compliance, and efficiency. One speaker, Jason Bordoff, a professor from Columbia University, addressed the need to embrace for new markets, new sources, and new competition.

  1. Efficiency

One of the biggest panel discussions was a Global Leaders' Summit featuring NGC President Mark Loquan. The panel delved into the question: "How is the industry adapting current business strategies?"  Operational efficiency in the oil and gas industry encompasses reliability, well productivity, operational efficiency, cost optimization, and safety management. Any oil and gas project can utilize the benefits of 5S and follow safety best practices specific to the energy industry.

  1. The Future

A wide range of professionals were at Gastech 2019 Houston including distinguished guests and leaders of the energy industry. There were 700+ exhibitors from more than 100 countries that attendees could mix and mingle with. Policy makers and energy industry leaders discussed ways to forge strategies for increasing participation in the energy industry. The main focuses were on retaining talent, engaging a younger workforce, expanding diversity and inclusion, and harnessing the power of globalization. Another facet of talks focused on safety and security of oil and gas projects by utilizing technology and AI. ExxonMobil Natural Gas' booth showcased a virtual reality work training simulator to promote working safely and understanding new equipment. Introducing youth to the world of oil and gas was a huge focus by the city of Houston as well as industry heavy-hitters such as Exxon. A group of youth, spearheaded by the city of Houston and other youth partners, were granted access to limitless show opportunities and professionals. "The demand for qualified workers with the technical skills to take on oil and gas jobs will only grow," Exxon said in a statement. "That's why organizations in Houston are strongly making efforts to expose teens to the endless possibilities of a career in oil and gas."