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All EHS Managers Want for Christmas is ...

03 February, 2023

A list of safety supplies and other gifts that keep on giving for EHS managers.


The holidays are here. Shopping yet for your favorite EHS manager? It's safe to assume they have been good all year. Perhaps there is even a stellar record to show for it and minimal downtime. Wouldn't it be nice if Santa brought tools to make safety easier or that the boss would approve some simple accessories? Safety professionals have big responsibilities that have big returns for workers and the company. Here are several ideal and practical gift ideas that are sure to please any EHS professional and support their safety management plans.

Ideal and Practical Gifts

COVID-19 Solutions: At this point, getting COVID supplies may seem like getting socks, underwear, or other necessities. Spice up the workplace with new, colorful awareness posters or a personalized A-frame for professional visitor notice signs.

  • Educational Resources: Raise safety and efficiency awareness with a gift that keeps on giving, a free guide! Choose from training support and compliance assistance titles such as the 5S System, Fixed Asset Management, OSHA Signs, and more.
  • On-Demand Signs: Print large signs or small wire wraps and labels using a DuraLabel industrial safety sign and label printer. Kodiak prints 4'-10' multicolor signs, while Toro is a portable, stand-alone printer. Bronco is industrial and efficient. Lobo is a grab n' go labeler, while the PRO 300 is handy and reliable. DuraLabel printers come with label creation software, which lets users customize signs with a library of more than 1,800 symbols.
  • Floor Marking: Some of the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing warehouse floors use floor markings and floor signs. Create safe work distance markers, highlight aisles, and texturize areas to help prevent slips, trips, and falls.
  • Pipe Marking: Make those pipes look stellar with professional pipe labels, valve tags, and other markings that support OSHA requirements, ANSI, and IIAR.
  • Signs and Labels: Impress workers and visitors with durable signs and labels that streamline processes and exceed requirements.

Smart Strategies

As an active EHS manager, plans for proactive change need supportive tools to keep up with a workplace's needs that evolve and change. EHS managers are responsible for regulatory compliance, risk management, safety training, incident investigations, streamlining operations, hosting safety meetings and toolbox talks, and more. They are also responsible for all the intricate details in between and a lot of reports.

Strategically spend, save time, and improve safety in any facility by using high quality and lasting supplies that come with five-star customer support. Duralabel celebrates 50 years of quality and innovation, with numerous solutions for site-specific applications.