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Duralabel Creates Resources for Oil and Gas Industries

03 February, 2023

Create a safer work environment to reduce the likelihood of accidents on any oil and gas industry project using visual communication. Duralabel' infographic, guide, and best practice tips article for the oil and gas industry offer easy solutions to industrial safety needs.


BEAVERTON, OR ? One of the most dangerous job sectors in the United States has one of the most thorough safety programs: the oil and gas industry. Duralabel knows it's essential for safety managers and supervisors to have the resources they need for optimal safety operations. It is this industry need that inspired the release of several new resources tailored specifically to the oil and gas industry. Deliverables include an in-depth best practices guide, infographic, and a safety tips article.

Best practice tips are made clear and simple to achieve in Duralabel' free guide to signage for oil and gas industry safety. This guide quickly explains key ideas for safety labeling and signage for the oil and gas industry. Review regulations and standards, understand the top five hazards faced by oil and gas employees, and learn how effective safety labels and signs can help to address those hazards.

"I oversee a large part of the operations for safety," said Ryan Gnyp, an oil industry safety manager. "Most of my job is day-to-day safety of the crew to make sure they have what they need to follow policies and make sure proper procedures are put in place." Gnyp stressed the important role of signs, labels, and other visual communication in the oil and gas industry.

Learn about the background and future of the oil and gas industry, statistics, and safety best practices in the a free oil and gas industry infographic. This visual provides compelling information to share with oil and gas teams and is a useful training resource to spread awareness on a variety of industry topics.

Apply simple tips and strategies to improve worker safety on oil and gas projects with the Duralabel article 10 Tips for Oil and Gas Industry Workers. These tips help reinforce the importance of the re-evaluation of safety programs and behavior to more effectively address worker safety issues, which in turn help reduce the rate of injuries and accidents in the industry.

Improving Communication for Oil and Gas Industry Tasks

For optimal safety in the oil and gas industry, strategically placed signs add a layer of effective communication to help employees identify steps required to perform tasks or to take extra caution. Communicate work boundaries, identify tools, and more using DuraLabel supplies and accessories. Whether temporary or long-term, choose from a variety of ribbon colors and tape attachment options such as magnetic backing, repositionable tape, or permanent adhesives. Conveniently create and print clear, custom visual communication and comply with numerous standards and requirements with DuraLabel industrial label and sign printers. Quickly inform staff on a variety of routine needs such as arc flash boundaries and PPE requirements, as well as floor signs to help improve safety in heavy-traffic areas. Ensure oil and gas jobs are done right and with ease with the help of handy resources such as Duralabel' guide, article, and infographic.

About Duralabel

Since 1970, Duralabel has been an innovative global leader in industry compliance and educational solutions to protect workers. Products include high-performance labels and signs, safety devices, printing systems and software, and materials for arc flash, pipe marking, chemical labeling, and more. Duralabel proudly serves customers in manufacturing, military, warehousing, medical, oil and gas/power, electrical, construction, education, and a variety of other industries. For even more resources to improve facility safety and productivity, visit www.DuraLabel.com or call 888-326-9244.