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Duralabel Unleashes Fun for Dog Day Event

03 February, 2023

For five years, Duralabel has been a participant in the Take Your Dog to Work Day event. The day gives workers a chance to show off their furry friends to one another and it allow their dogs to see where their human spends their time away from home.


Employees and their dogs were quite fetching for Duralabel' fifth annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. With tails wagging, the furry friends were happy to spend the work day beside their beloved humans at the company's corporate headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

For sales associate Brandon Thorson, it is a day for he and his Airedale-Border Collie mix, Bella, to make new friends and reacquainting with old ones. "I think TYDTWD is great for office culture and morale," he said. "It allows people to interact who may not otherwise interact and everyone is in a better mood when they have their best friend with them."

With love and pride, several employees brought in their fur babies large and small, playful and shy. Many had a story to share about how they met their dog, a funny memory, or little facts about their dog's favorite things. Snacks were shared for both humans and dogs.

"Dogs are the best," said Duralabel sales associate Matt Mootz, who brought in his 7-year-old Great Dane, Daisy. "They brighten everyone's mood. My dog also loves the attention."

Daisy is a retired breeder, and Mootz and his wife adopted her about three years ago. With Daisy's personality, her love for affection, and stunning looks, the Mootz family knew they had a superstar.

"About a year ago, we answered an ad on Facebook looking for a Great Dane to be in a commercial. We sent all her info off and were chosen," Mootz said. "It was a contest for Darigold cheese, and she was to deliver the prize to the winner. She had never done anything like that, but we knew how well she did on commands. She did the shoot in under four hours, and she did amazingly well."

Beginning in 1999, Take Your Dog to Work Day occurs annually on the Friday after Father's Day. While there are many companies that allow dogs every day, the event encourages employers to experience the joys of pets in the workplace. After all, psychologists highlight the benefits bringing a pet to work as good for engagement as well as a way to lower stress levels and trigger serotonin in humans ? thereby creating happier, more motivated employees.

The Take Your Dog to Work event is just one of the ways Duralabel strives to create a more involved culture. The company invites staff from each department: warehouse and fulfillment, product development, engineering, sales, and marketing, to show off their furry family members ? and, of course, paws for photos.

Duralabel specializes in safety, and the company welcomes a spirit of fun among employees with the annual event.