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Arc Flash Safety Boundaries

03 February, 2023


When approaching a potentially dangerous situation, it's important to know what the boundaries are. For electrical equipment, the NFPA 70E standard defines three specific boundaries to keep workers safe.

First, is the arc flash boundary. This is the line that protects people from the heat of an arc flash. To cross the arc flash boundary, workers need to have the proper PPE. The next two shock boundaries, limited approach boundary. To enter this area, workers must have the proper PPE and either undergo specialized training or be accompanied by someone who has.

Then, there is the restricted approach boundary. To enter this area, workers must have specialized training and a written and approved plan for the work they'll be doing. NFPA 70E requires compliant arc flash labels to have the arc flash boundary listed; and it's always good practice to include the shock protection boundaries as well.

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