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How-To: Connecting Kodiak Max To Wi-Fi

08 February, 2024

Dive into the world of efficient and hassle-free label printing with your new Kodiak Max industrial sign and label printer. Whether you're a experienced professional or new to the world of industrial labeling, this quick guide for connecting the Kodiak Max to Wi-Fi is designed to get your printer set up immediately and keep your workplace safe.
What You'll Learn In This Video:
• Discover the simple steps to set up Wi-Fi on your Kodiak Max Industrial Label Printer in this quick and informative tutorial. This video guides you through the entire process, from accessing the printer's settings to successfully connecting it to your wireless network using the provided Bluetooth keyboard, ensuring your label printing workflow is as efficient and connected as possible. This tutorial will have your Kodiak Max printer online in no time.
Wi-Fi Tip:
Use your provided Bluetooth keyboard to type in your information.
Additional Resources: