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Arc Flash Accident Videos

03 February, 2023


With YouTube and other video-sharing websites, an unimaginable number of videos on just about any subject can be accessed by anyone. In this article, we've gathered the most compelling and informative arc flash and arc blast videos. We hope that you will find them useful for learning about the dangers of arc flash and teaching others. Please be advised that although these videos do not show close-up injuries, some viewers may find them disturbing.

Arc Flash on Youtube

This video is probably the most famous of all online arc flash videos. It shows an arc flash that allegedly occurred at a facility in Colombia, South America, in 2007. An electrician was racking in a breaker box and an arc flash blasted him at close range. We could not find any information on what happened to the worker who was hit by the blast, but life-altering burns or death are likely outcomes.

This is probably the second most-viewed arc flash video online. It shows three workers working in the open door of an exterior electrical substation when an arc flash occurs. They all sustained burns-one was very serious.





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This video shows Donnie Johnson's brush with an Arc Blast that left him with 3rd degree burns down to his muscles on both arms and hands. He also created a website to promote Arc safety: Donnie's Accident

This video shows the supervised re-energizing of a switchgear box that led to an arc blast. No one was injured in this video, but it does illustrate the explosive force of such an event. Unlike the first two videos, this video has audio and is shot from a close distance; this gives a more visceral sense of the blast's raw power.



This video provides a staged, slow-motion view of an arc blast happening to a dummy at close range. It was produced for Westex, a maker of flame-resistant and arc-rated clothing. The slow motion allows you to see the cloud of tiny pieces of molten metal fired outward at extreme speeds.

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