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Choosing the Ideal Field Printer for Your On-Site Printing Needs

04 December, 2023

In an industry that is often fast-paced, where the possibilities go beyond the traditional office setting, the demand for a field printer becomes a necessity.  The need for a reliable and efficient field printer is clear.  

Not only is the success of the project reliant on visual communication, but the safety of workers is paramount.  Invest in tools that can not only assist with the safety of your workers through OSHA compliance, but also have the potential to create an efficient workspace. 

Industrial label printers like the Toro Max can streamline label processes by offering several advantages: 

duralabel-toro-max-video-thumbnail-02On-site labeling 

The ability to print labels that fulfill your facility needs, such as equipment maintenance and asset tracking.  Thanks to Toro Max’s built-in LabelForge Pro software, your facility does not need to worry about labels being out of safety compliance, because each label can be custom made or with a template using this software, all while remaining within OSHA’s safety compliance 


Print industrial labels for your facility on premium vinyl that can withstand even the harshest environments. Industrial label printers like Toro Max and Kodiak Max both have supplies specific to your facility needs.  

Real-time updates 

 Customize labels to fit your facility needs. No more taking designs to third party print companies. You can print in-house and revise labels in real time as soon as you need them. This prevents the loss of time spent on projects.  

Enhanced accuracy and precision 

Develop high-quality prints for in-depth site plans and avoid distorted labels. The fear of label errors compromising overall projects will no longer be a concern.  

Field Printer with On-Site Reliability  

Never miss a beat with Toro Max. It will be your guide to navigating your facility safely. It can create hundreds of quick OSHA compliance labels with the utilization of the built-in LabelForge Pro software.   

The Toro Max has built-in templates that are compliant with industry standards to help create instant visual cues that remind workers when to wear their PPE. Take it to the office or out in the field. It can go anywhere. 

Visual Safety Communication Resources from DuraLabel   

DuraLabel's free OSHA Safety Signs Instant Action Guide helps you create OSHA/ANSI compliant safety signs. The guide helps readers understand the appropriate regulations and standards and improve safety and efficiency. Request your free OSHA Safety Signs Instant Action Guide.  

Want to learn how to implement 5s with all of your industrial label needs? Download a free copy of the 5s Instant Action Guide. Give us a call today at 1-888-326-9244 and one of our experts will guide you through the process. 


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