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Shine a Light on Safety: LED Floor Marking Delivers in Harsh Environments

11 September, 2023

Forklift operating in a warehouse with LED floor marking

Floor marking and signs in industrial environments are a cost-effective way to increase safety compliance, visibility, and organization. Hazardous chemical use or vehicle traffic are examples of where safety floor signs could help identify areas that require special attention. Color-coded floor tape can prevent slips and falls due to changing surfaces or uneven walking areas. Clear markings and signs help workers: 

  • Identify the safety hazards  
  • Adhere to safety protocols  
  • Alert to danger zones instantly 

Adhesive floor tape and signs do not work in all facilities and work areas. There is an alternative for worksites with heavy traffic, extreme temperatures, harsh surfaces, or wet floors.  

LED line and sign projectors deliver reliable and cost-effective floor marking for sites with challenging conditions. Lines and signs created by these devices provide clear, durable floor marking that will not chip, fade, tear, or lift in areas where even the toughest tape or paint cannot hold up. 

Advantages of LED lumen-news-release-float

  • Durable communication: Indestructible floor marking for high-traffic, cold storage, damaged flooring, and wet environments.  
  • Simple installation: Mount the device, adjust the projection, and plug in.  
  • Zero floor prep: No cleaning, scraping, or leveling needed. 
  • Low-maintenance safety: Built to survive industrial environments and no moving parts. 

Improve safety and efficiency, instantly identify traffic routes, pedestrian walkways, and hazardous areas with LED lines and signs. These lines will not fade or degrade.  

LED in Your Facility 

Follow these best practices to create effective visual communication with LED floor marking: 

  1. Plan your design: Before you start projecting visuals, it's important to plan your design. Consider the purpose of the communication, the target audience, and the message you want to convey. Sketch out your ideas and make sure they align with the space you'll be using the projectors in.
  2. Keep it simple: Remember that floor marking projectors have limited space and resolution. Opt for simple and clear designs that can be easily understood from a distance. Avoid clutter and excessive details that may not be visible or may cause confusion.
  3. Use high contrast: To ensure good visibility, use high-contrast color combinations. For example, dark colors on a light background or vice versa. This will make your visuals stand out and be easily distinguishable.
  4. Test visibility and readability: Before committing to a larger project, test visibility and readability in the actual space. Adjust the brightness, focus, and size of the projections to ensure optimal visibility from different viewing angles and distances. 

lumen-floor-sign-projector-appRemember, the effectiveness of your visual communication will depend on how well you understand your audience, tailor your designs to the context, and continuously improve based on feedback. 

How to Deploy LED Projectors 

LED line and projectors such as PathFinder LUMEN, deliver vibrant lines and signs for walkways, loading areas, and forklift pathways. LUMEN provides clear, durable floor markings that will not chip, fade, tear, or peel. 

Facilities with high-volume, cold storage, and wet environments no longer need to halt production for worksite floor preparation or use specialized paints, tapes, or adhesives. 

PathFinder LUMEN instantly communicates hazards when your workers need to know. LUMEN projectors are rated IP65 for damp or dusty environments and can be used at temperatures from –13F to 122F. LUMEN easily adjusts to changing signage needs, site layouts, or industry regulations.

Learn more about floor marking, our free DuraLabel Floor Marking Instant Action Guide helps create safe pathways for pedestrians and vehicular traffic, reduce confusion and improve efficiency. Give us a call today at 888.326.9244 to discuss your floor marking needs and a Duralabel representative will guide you along the way.

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