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Spring Cleaning Safety Checklist: Floor Marking

03 February, 2023

When organizing and cleaning up work spaces this spring, consider changing up floor marking for safety, efficiency, and clearer communication.


You've swept and power washed the grime off your facility floors. Now it's time to dig a little deeper into your spring cleaning safety checklist - it's time to integrate floor marking into your facility.

Floor marking can help guide human and machine traffic in the warehouse, creating a safer work environment. It can alert workers to personal protective equipment requirements in the area, guide them to emergency exits, and create a more efficient and productive workspace.

Use these complimentary floor marking tools to integrate or update a program in your facility or contact Duralabel at 1.888.326.9244 and speak with a representative today about Duralabel' line of PathFinder floor making, safety, and wayfinding tapes.

The Floor Marking Best Practice Guide is simple and easy to understand. It explains how OSHA and ANSI standards relate to floor marking, as well as industry best practices for choosing floor marking colors, as illustrated by photographs of real facilities.

This Floor Marking Infographic offers practical floor marking applications and a color coding system to organize your facility. Add the infographic to your website or desktop for a quick reference guide.

This Floor Marking Color Wall Chart offers standardize floor marking colors and patterns for easy-to-understand consistency. Learn which colors and patterns are effective for identifying hazards and safety equipment. Follow common industry color code practices for placement of floor marking.

Visit our Videos section to learn how to create floor marking corners and T's in your facility and more.