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Loading Supplies in Bronco Max

17 January, 2024

Learn to load supplies in your DuraLabel Bronco Max industrial label printer

Getting Started

To load your Bronco Max with printing ribbon (?ink?) and label stock, you will need to fully raise the hinged cover and the attached ribbon rails. Press the cover release latch and raise the cover of the printer; the ribbon rails will raise automatically. Make sure the cover and rails are fully raised before continuing.

How to Load Ribbon and Label Stock

  1. Slide the new ribbon cartridge into the slot in the rails. The cartridge will only fit the correct way, and a magnet will hold it in place. (To remove a ribbon cartridge, simply pull it out.)
  2. Place the new roll of label stock onto the supply spindle. Fresh label stock should feed toward the cutter module, with the printable surface facing upward. Rest the spindle in its slots.
  3. Feed the end of the roll of label stock between the two movable gray guides, and over the black rubber roller near the cutter module. (You can flip the cutter module down for more room; simply pull the top edge away from the body of the printer.)
  4. Slide the movable gray guides together so they hold the label stock neatly centered in the printer, without bending or wrinkling the label stock.
  5. If you lowered the cutter module, lift it back into its ready position; it will snap into place.
  6. Finally, lower the cover until it latches closed; the ribbon rails will lower into place automatically. Your Bronco Max will recognize the supplies you have loaded and automatically adjust its print settings for the best quality.

More Support Options

If you need further assistance or have any other questions about your Bronco Max, please contact DuraLabel by calling 800-788-5572 or visiting DuraLabel.com.


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