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Installing Tape Guides in Your Bronco Max

17 January, 2024

Getting Started

To install any DuraLabel tape guide, first load the desired supply and feed it through the printer. This example uses a 3/16 inch shrink tube supply.

How to Install Tape Guides

  1. While pulling the supply tight, orient that tape guide so it?s face-down on the printer supply path and the finger part is on the left side.
  2. Lock the tape guide onto the printer supply guide by sliding it forward.
  3. Squeeze the printer supply guides together, so the tape guide fits securely in place.
  4. Make sure the loaded supply fully covers the sensor.

More Support Options

If you need further assistance or have any other questions about DuraLabel tape guides, please contact DuraLabel by calling 800-788-5572 or visiting DuraLabel.com.


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