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Avoid Costly Mistakes When Shipping Hazardous Materials

23 February, 2023

Companies fail to meet basic hazardous materials shipping requirements every year. Recently, a Columbus distribution company paid out a $63,000 settlement, and a Korean company that paid a $72,000 fine when both had shipments arrive leaking at a plant in Kentucky.

Lapses in transportation safety procedures can cause injury to shipping facility workers as well as harm the environment. Missteps also result in costly recovery work, delayed delivery, and lost productivity. Companies can prevent these types of failures by implementing hazmat training solutions for employees involved in preparing shipments.


Hazardous Materials Shipping Laws and Regulations

According to US DOT 49 CFR and Hazardous Materials Regulations:

  • Labels must be used for hazardous materials when they are being transported.
  • Any person who offers a hazardous material for transportation must label the package or containment device.
  • Section 172.411 through 172.448 shows the designs for specific types of DOT shipping labels.

Compliance does not need to be daunting. Companies avoid costly fines, rejected shipments, and other incidents in transit by adding materials handling training and compliant labeling to their safety plan.

Ship Hazardous Materials with Confidence

Shipping hazardous materials requires attention to detail and an understanding of rules and regulations. Learn the process of safely shipping hazardous materials through simple tips, easy compliance steps and efficient communication with the free, downloadable Shipping Hazardous Materials guide.

We make it easy to ensure classification, labeling, and documentation for DOT shipping compliance. LabelForge PRO enables safety managers to print compliant labels for any material. Make sure to stock up on labeling supplies made with the toughest material to withstand harsh chemicals, weather and rough shipping processes.