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How-To: Fire Exit Floor Marking Tape Application

22 May, 2024

In this video, we'll walk you through the steps of using DuraLabel PathFinder Floor Marking tape to enhance the safety and visibility by clearly marking a fire exit. Follow these steps to ensure your fire exits are easily identifiable and compliant with safety regulations.
Floor Marking Tape Removal Instructions:
Floor Preparation Instructions:
1. Clear out and block off the area where applying tape.
2. Sweep up any dirt or debris from the floor.
3. Clean the floor with a general cleaner (avoid citrus-based). Scrub with clean rag or brush.
4. After it’s dry, wipe the surface with Isopropyl alcohol to remove any leftover residue and let it dry.
Clean Floor Test:
1. Cut a small square of tape from your roll.
2. Stick to the floor for 10 seconds.
3. Peel off and check the adhesive side. If there’s dirt or debris, repeat floor preparation steps until the clean.
Floor Tape Application Instructions:
Clean, properly-prepared floors allow for long-lasting, strong tape adhesion.
1. Plan out the tape path. For straight lines, use a string, laser, or chalk to mark reference points on the floor.
2. Remove a section of blue liner and apply the adhesive side of the tape to the floor along the reference marks.
3. Unroll a few feet of tape, remove the liner, and press the tape down for good adhesion.
4. Continue unrolling and pressing down the tape until the desired area is covered. Use marks to keep straight.
5. At the end of your line, cut tape using scissors or blade.
6. Once a full line of tape is applied, press down firmly across the entire length. This ensures a strong bond.
7. After applying all tape, check that it’s securely adhered to the floor, especially along the edges and corners. Press down on any areas that may need extra adhesion.
0:07 Part I: Clean & Prep
0:15 What Happens If You Don't Clean Your Floor?
0:17 Step 1: Clean & Sweep Area
0:27 Step 2: Clean Floor with General Non-Citrus Based Cleaner
0:34 Step 3: Use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean leftover residue
0:40 Step 4: Check if Floor is Dry
0:46 Step 5: Test for Clean Floor
0:51 Part II: Application
0:53 Step 6: Mark Out Your Tape
1:00 Step 7: Peel the Tape Liner
1:03 Step 8: Apply Floor Tape
1:09 Tamp Down & Unroll Tape
1:21 Matching Corners
1:33 Cure time