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How-To: Floor Marking Tape Removal

31 May, 2024

In this video, we'll guide you through the process of removing pre-existing floor marking tape in your facility before in preparation of applying your new DuraLabel PathFinder floor marking tape.
Floor Tape Removal Instructions:
1. Clear the area of any obstacles or equipment.
2. Use a heat source, such as a heat gun, to soften the adhesive. This makes tape removal easier. 
3. Begin at one end of the tape and slowly peel it back at an angle. Apply steady, even pressure to avoid tearing or leaving residue. 
4. Work your way along the length of the tape, continuing to peel it back slowly and carefully. If the tape resists, apply more heat to soften it. 
5. If the floor tape intersects or overlaps in areas, cut through the tape along the intersection lines carefully using a tool, like a utility knife. 
6. Clean the area using a commercial adhesive remover or a mixture of warm water and mild detergent (see floor prep instructions).
7. If necessary, loosen leftover residue with a heat source. Scrape the softened adhesive residue with a scrub brush or putty knife to remove it.
8. Use isopropyl alcohol on a cloth to ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned. Let dry. 
You are now ready to prep and clean your floor!
0:10 Step 1: Tape Removal
0:13 Useful Tools
0:17 Heat Gun
0:22 Putty Knife
0:35 Utility Knife
0:42 Tape Removal
1:00 Ready to Prep and Clean