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Forklift Durability Test: Pathfinder RIGID™ Floor Marking Tape

22 May, 2024

In this video, we challenge DuraLabel Pathfinder RIGID™ Floor Marking Tape with an intense forklift durability test involving 50 pallet drags. See how this heavy duty tape withstands practical use and maintains its integrity in a high-traffic industrial setting!
Benefits of DuraLabel Pathfinder Rigid™ floor tape:
• Heavy duty tape for for forklift traffic
• Avoid snags with low beveled edges
• Save time with easy installation
• Less downtime with quick curing adhesive
• DuraLabel floor tape includes a 1 year guarantee
0:08 Applying Tape for Testing
0:22 Start of Forklift Durability Testing
0:37 Benefits of RIGID™ Floor Marking Tape
1:26 End of Forklift Durability Testing
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