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Floor Marking Maintenance Durability Test

03 February, 2023


In this video, a facilities technician will perform a series of durability tests to find out how PathFinder tapes stand up to different routine cleaning methods. (The tests are: a basic sweeping and moping, specific spot cleaning as well as floor buffing and polishing.)

We'll be testing 4 varieties of PathFinder tape. Yellow Rigid Tape. Blue Flex Tape, Custom Print Tape with a protective Over Laminate, and finally a hazard stripped printed Flex Tape.

For the first test we'll do a sweep and mop using commonly found chemical cleaners.

After a brisk sweep and thorough mopping the tapes look great and show no signs of wear.

Next, we'll use a scouring pad and a chemical cleaner to vigorously scrub the tape lines.

After intense scrubbing, all four tapes are holding strong.

Now, let's see how the tapes hold up while using a floor buffer. We'll start with softest pad

After buffing the area with the softest pad, the tapes appear untouched. Now, let's switch the polishing pad for a more aggressive one.

Using the more aggressive polishing pad, still the PathFinder tapes show no sign of damage. Just for fun, let's put on the most aggressive pad and see what happens

Amazing! Using the floor buffer with a pad designed to strip paint, the PathFinder tapes survives. The aggressive cleaning pad literally cleaned the surrounding concrete and took the some of the color off the tape, but could not get PathFinder tapes to break, peel or chip.

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