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How-To: Loading the DuraLabel Kodiak Max

08 February, 2024

Dive into the world of efficient and hassle-free label printing with your new Kodiak Max industrial sign and label printer. Whether you're a experienced professional or new to the world of industrial labeling, this step-by-step loading guide is designed to make your label printing experiences smoother and more productive in order to keep the workplace safe.
No more hassles and setting up ribbon to get the job done. Just load and go!
What You'll Learn In This Video:
• Loading Label Stock: Follow our easy-to-understand instructions on how to load label stock materials into your printer based on your specific needs.
• Loading Ribbon Cartridges: Learn how to use our new quick-load Ribbon Cartridges for the Kodiak Max.
0:00 Introduction to the Kodiak Max
0:07 Loading Label Stock
0:26 Range of Supply
0:39 Tape Guides
0:46 Loading Ribbon Cartridges
0:57 Tips for Ribbon Cartridges
Additional Resources: