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How-To: Loading DuraLabel Toro Max

08 February, 2024

We're diving into the world of mobile, efficient and hassle-free label printing with your new Toro Max industrial label printer. Whether you're a experienced professional or new to the world of industrial labeling, this step-by-step guide to loading is designed to make your label printing productive and on-the-go within seconds.
What You'll Learn In This Video:
• Removal of Label Stock and Ribbon Cartridges: Follow our easy-to-understand instructions on how to unload label stock materials and our new ribbon cartridges from your printer in prep for cleaning.
• Cleaning Print Heads: Learn how to thoroughly clean the top print head from adhesive build up to prevent misprints.
• Cleaning Label Stock Guides: Learn how to clean the label stock print guides from adhesive buildup to ensure you get a quality print every time.
• Advanced Cleaning the Cutter and Sensor: Usually done once every 6 months. Lower down the front cover to clean cutter front to back. Caution! Be careful for the sharp cutter as it will be exposed during this process.
0:00 Introduction to the Toro Max
0:14 Quick Load Ribbon Cartridge
0:17 Load Label Stock
0:22 Adjust and Secure Guides
0:32 Print and Outro
Additional Resources: