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Wayfinding and Floor Marking

03 February, 2023


When you have a complicated, busy or dangerous area to navigate, how do you find the most efficient route to where you're going without your smart phone?

You probably start looking for signs. Lines, arrows or symbols-anything that might give you a clearer idea of where you are and where you're headed. This is called wayfinding or path finding.

In large facilities such as airports or hospitals which are filled with employees, visitors and potential hazards, wayfinding is crucial.

Now think about your workplace. Is there high foot traffic? Are there hazards present? Maybe there are areas that need constant cleaning or organization? Wayfinding could be the answer. OSHA even addresses the need for wayfinding in 29 CFR 1910.22. Stating that permanent aisle and passageways need to be appropriately marked.

There are two ways to bring a wayfinding plan to life. First is by using Floor Marking tape-easy to install, durable enough to last and not a pain to change as your business grows. Painting lines on the floor is another option, though with paint, you have to consider the lengthy prep time, unwanted fumes, uneven surface issues and the mess that is installation.

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