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Meeting Industry Standards: Arc Flash Label Printing Requirements

03 October, 2023

Arc flash labels reflected in a PPE hood

A routine maintenance task is in progress, and as the technician attempts to tighten a loose connection on a panel, a blinding flash of light erupts. The release of energy is enormous and produces an almost unbearable heat. Shortly after the light occurs, there is an explosion, and the flames set everything nearby on fire.  

If the above happened in real time, it could potentially be catastrophic. It is important to prepare your facility workers in case an emergency evacuation is needed. OSHA requires employers to mark electrical equipment with “voltage, current, wattage, and other ratings as necessary” and to use signs, or similar devices to warn employees of hazards. Arc Flash labels are crucial safety messaging for areas that are at risk for electrical fires. Here are some reasons for the need for arc flash labels: 

  1. Risk Assessment: These labels help in assessing the level of risk associated with specific electrical equipment, aiding in the development of safety procedures and personal protective equipment requirements. According to NFPA 70E, ARTICLE 110.2.D.3 says employees should be retrained in safety-related work practices in intervals of three years or less.  
  2. Compliance: NFPA 70E is a U.S. regulatory standard that mandates the use of arc flash labels to ensure compliance with safety regulations. Use Toro Max’s pre-installed print software to create arc flash labeling tailored to your facility’s needs.  
  3. Injury Prevention: The information on the label, such as the incident energy, allows workers to determine the appropriate level of protection, reducing the risk of severe injuries in the event of an arc flash. NFPA 70E 130.7.E.2 states the need for creating approach boundaries/barricades in work areas that contain energized conductors or circuit parts. Design safety labels with Toro Max using one of the built-in templates that comply with industry standards.  
  4. Emergency response: In case of an arc flash incident, first responders can use the information on the labels to safely approach and mitigate the situation. According to NFPA 70E 120.2, each employer must identify, document, and implement lockout/tagout procedures that safeguard employees from electrical hazards. The procedures should be appropriate for the workplace conditions and training. 

arc-flash-label-requirements-1NFPA 70E Label Requirements  

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a global non-profit organization dedicated to preventing death, injury, property, and economic loss requires labels in on workplaces electrical equipment that will require examination, adjustment, servicing, or maintenance while energized. 

Here are 4 requirements of an Arc Flash Label: 

  1. Nominal System Voltage –Offers a quick way to assess the potential shock hazard and general degree of danger represented by a system.  
  2. Arc Flash Boundary-The distance from the equipment at which an unprotected person would receive second-degree burns in event of an arc flash.  
  3. Protective Equipment- Provides workers with information about the PPE needed to work on the labeled equipment safely.  
  4. Incident Energy at a Working Distance- Available incident energy and corresponding working distance offer the most detailed technical information. This can be used to determine appropriate PPE.  

Instant Arc Flash Labeling 

Never miss a beat with Toro Max. It will be the best friend you need to navigate your facility safely. It can create a range of quick OSHA compliance labels using the built-in LabelForge Pro software.  

The Toro Max’s built-in templates are compliant with industry standards. Search through the Arc Flash database and design preloaded, ready to print labels. Take the Toro Max to the office or out in the field. It can go anywhere.  

Visual Safety Communication Resources from DuraLabel  

Duralabel’s free Arc Flash Labeling Instant Action Guide provides relevant information about PPE requirements, arc flash boundaries, but most importantly compliance standards. The free guide helps readers understand the appropriate regulations and standards and improve safety and efficiency. Request your free copy of the Arc Flash Instant Action Guide . 

Want to learn how to implement 5s with all of your industrial label needs? Download a free copy of the 5s Instant Action Guide. Give us a call today at 1-888-326-9244 and one of our experts will guide you through the process. 

Guide to Arc Flash Hazards
This free, 130-page, PDF is the most comprehensive guide available.

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