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Pillars of TPM

03 February, 2023


TPM is the concept of self-directed maintenance, wherein machine operators are responsible for the routine maintenance and operations of their machines and equipment.



The following is a transcript of the Pillars of TPM Infographic:


Increasing productivity through workforce empowerment

1. Autonomous Maintenance

2. Process & Machine Improvement

3. Preventative Maintenance

4. Early Management of New Equipment

5. Process Quality Management

6. Administrative Work

7. Education & Training

8. Safety & Sustained Success

The Three Goals of TPM:

1. Zero unplanned failures

2. Zero product defects

3. Zero accidents

8 Pillars of Activity

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) increases productivity, efficiency, and safety by empowering operators, team leaders and managers to all play a proactive role in the day-to-day operation and maintenance of their own work areas through 8 pillars of activity.

Pillar 1: Autonomous Maintenance

Operators monitor the condition of their own equipment and work areas.

Pillar 2: Process & Machine Improvement

Team leaders collect information from operators and work areas then prioritize preventative maintenance and improvements.

Pillar 3: Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance tasks and schedules are shared by operators and team leaders.

Pillar 4: Early Management of New Equipment

Based on maintenance reports, team leaders anticipate and plan for parts and equipment lifecycles and report to managers.

Pillar 5: Process Quality Management

Shared responsibility for operation and maintenance encourages quality improvement ideas from all work areas.

Pillar 6: Administrative Work

Managers prioritize data from the previous pillars and share outcomes with team leaders and work areas.

Pillar 7: Education & Training

Continuous improvement includes operator and work area education and training which improves morale, retention, and efficiency.

Pillar 8: Safety & Sustained Success

Facility-wide safety is prioritized which positively impacts sustained success of the TPM program.

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